Are you in need of discovering better choices?

Are you getting the results you want in your life and your work?

When was the last time you were frustrated, angry, or unsatisfied because you want things to be different?

“In order to move forward, we must acknowledge the things that are holding us back.” – Dr. Fabrizio Mancini


“The greatest adventure in human history  – conscious evolution.” – Bruce Lipton, PhD


I became an executive coach, and a licensed NLP Master Practitioner because I am passionate about proactive change.  And I want to share the skills I’ve learned with you, so that you can embrace the process of change, choose happiness, and fulfill your true potential.

Life can change in an instant, and we can choose to either resist it or embrace it.  We can choose to see change as an opportunity for professional development and personal growth.

  Coaching is possibly the most powerful force for change on earth.

Change is the adoption of new ideas and techniques.  Change is inevitable, it happens whether we want it to or not.  Change is as much a part of the fabric of life as breathing. The key to successful change, to successful adoption of new ideas and techniques, is finding balance between the old and the new.

  Is finding the points of balance eluding you or your organization?

  Solutions can be found in our individual and organizational ability to pause, to consider, and to explore the potential of change, of new ideas, and of innovations.  No matter how we look at our challenges, the ultimate solution is found in the ability to embrace change in a balanced way.

  We are offered limitless potential and new opportunities at every given moment – but when we fail to take action, we find ourselves right where we have always been.

 We are being asked to adopt new ideas and techniques at a pace never before experienced by humanity.  Technology capabilities are doubling every 18 months.  The world population just passed 7 billion – double what it was in 1968 and half what it will be in another 60 years.

This dizzying pace of change is affecting our well-being, our health, and our finances.  The stresses being put on our organizations and us are enormous.

  The ability to live in balance exists within each one of us, and within our organizations.

Coaching is the tool that will open the doorway to greater balance, greater productivity, greater realization of our potential – both individually and in our organizations.

  You are not alone.  I can help!