Benefits of working with me:

  • Realize more of your own abilities
  • Better cope with the normal stresses of life and work
  • Work and live more productively
  • Make greater contributions towards personal and organization goals

Working with me, in the truest sense, makes use of the adage “two heads are better than one.” My goal is to facilitate your ability to see your plans and goals through the added perspective of another point of view.  This added perspective brings the ability to make better choices, and to bring greater balance into the process of change.

  My work allows me to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with you or your organization, and to make your goals my goals.

I can:

  • Offer you the honesty of my perspective
  • Ask curious questions
  • Help you find the solutions that are often hidden in plain sight, but overlooked
  • Help to bring the challenges into perspective.


My goal is to speak directly to the issues and challenges, and to facilitate the ability to perform at the best and highest level, while seeking to avoid the fundamental reasons why people and organizations resist change.

Change is resisted:

  • When the reason for change is unclear
  • When those involved have not been consulted about the change
  • When change threatens to modify established patterns of working relationships between people
  • When communications about change have not been sufficient
  • When the benefits and rewards for making a change do not seem adequate for the effort involved
  • When change threatens a job, status or power


Cause and Effect

Life is a journey, a never-ending cycle of cause and effect.  We will explore the options of cause and effect, as we seek to be aware of the impact new choices have on everyone involved.  You will develop a keen awareness that the actions of today affect our tomorrows.

We have the ability to shape our journey – to transform, reshape and reinvent our direction.  Anything is truly possible.

Is this too good to be true?

Ask yourself this simple question: Do we live in a world of cause and effect, or do we live in a random world?  It has to be one or the other, it cannot be both.  If this is a random world none of us would ever drive or fly in an airplane?

Why Coaching?


  • Embraces the language of results.  To get the results we want, we must become masters of change.
  • Places the focus on flourishing and thriving, not just surviving.
  • Is a tool to help you and your organization grow vigorously along your chosen path.
  • Coaching is a process that enables both individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.


  • To adopt innovation
  • To understand that change is a process that requires controlled implementation
  • That the effort involved in learning curves develop skills that bring personal and organizational benefits
  • That change requires learning how to take controlled risks and how to learn from mistakes
  • To facilitate the exploration of needs, skills and thought processes
  • To question existing thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions
  • To observe, listen and ask questions to understand the situation
  • To support the setting of appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to the goals
  • To maintain an unconditional positive and supportive attitude for your goals and aspirations
  • To ensure that you are developing the competences necessary to achieve each goal
  • To enhance morale, motivation and productivity
  • To achieve a balance between organizational goals and personal development