There are very few people on this planet who possess such a set of incredible gifts as Karen does. Her Servant’s Heart has helped many and can definitely help you too!

If you are looking to break through to the level of greatness that you just know is inside you, then work with Karen. Her wisdom and devotion to helping others can help you blossom as a person. She will be your guide and inspiration as you work to achieve what you are here to do. She is a gift that has been given to us.

If you are ready to truly take ownership of your life, then Karen can help you do just that!

Drayton Boylston
Rescue Institute, Golden, CO




I’ve been working with Karen for the past couple of years and have only known her to be the most loving, caring, inspiring and nurturing … did I  say nurturing? … person. Sometimes her take on what I need to move on and up in my life can be rough but it’s that kick in the pants that makes her input so valuable. I can’t think of a better coach or friend to help us move along life’s path towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

Peter Gache
Beverly Hills, CA



I have to admit that it has been a wonderful challenge to formulate in simple words the transformational impact our coaching sessions have had in all aspects of my life.  After the first 15 minutes of our fist session, I simply KNEW I had made the right decision and that working with you was going to help me go to my ‘next’ level, both at a professional and personal level.   I didn’t have a clue of what my ‘next’ level was like.  Now I can tell you that it looks much better than I could have ever dreamed before our sessions!

Maria Alfau-Reyes, Lic. Real Estate Broker
Miami, Florida


I can’t begin to tell you how grateful Gloria and I are for your marvelous input and guidance.  The way you “shepherded” us in launching our project, namely tightening and marketing our website, and then helping us plan to roll the book and CDs out to national retail chains has been nothing short of inspirational (and miraculous). 

But most of all, we thank you for your caring.  You never dropped the ball on any detail…big or small…every!  You were always there for us, always going more than the extra mile, and always fun.

Barbara Rothstein
Music Concepts, Encino, CA