Karen is a certified life and executive coach, and a licensed NLP Master Practitioner.  She has been training and coaching for over three decades.  Karen knows how to suggest where to focus your energy, and can help you get started with your roadmap to increased success.  Karen has the ability to help you take practical actions steps that help you get out of your own way.  She has exceptional communication skills, keen listening skills, the ability to observe, understand, and develop trust.  Karen has the ability to ask probing, insigntful questions, look for existing resources, and assist you to find where you want to go.  She will infuse your sessions with energy, questions and new ideas designed to stimulate growth and keep you moving toward your goal.  Karen has the ability to share unfiltered truth without stirring up defensive reactions.  Her energy does not impose itself on others.

Karen can create a coaching schedule best suited for your needs and is available to travel to your location.